Sunday, November 23, 2008

Artisance in Laguna Beach

Back in the summer, we decided to try and brave the crowds in downtown Laguna Beach. One of the stores we came across was Artisance. The boutique is off on a side road and not much larger than our apartment. It's owned by Angela Tesselaar who runs her design firm from the store as well. Most of the furniture and gifts have a sleek 1920-30s Deco vibe but still feel very modern. Some stuff appears to be vintage, but a lot of it is new. If you like Thomas O’Brien like I do, you'll love this place. I just wish my paycheck would allow me to love it more.

Artisance just updated their website, but back in the summer when I was googling them, I found Trever Hoehne’s website, who did all the photography. Here are a few of his amazing shots:

all pictures by Trever Hoehne. More of his Artisance pics here.

post by David

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Suz Broughton said...

Hello: I just found your blog while searching for other OC blogs. I like it. So well done.