Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thomas O’Brien

One of our favorite designers is Thomas O’Brien. He has a clean, masculine style that combines modern and classic styles into a fresh look that appeals to men and women. He has a line of housewares at Target called Vintage Modern as well as very high-end tableware and select furniture at Bloomingdale’s, as well as collections for Hickory Chair, Waterworks, Visual Comfort, and finally his uber-store, Aero, in Soho, NYC. Here is a link to a pdf download about Aero.

images from Apartment Therapy

Here is an interview I found on youtube:

The video appears to be a few years old, as the store looks like the previous location and the apartment with the glass dome was completed some years ago. Here is a link to a pdf from his website that shows you the entire stunning apartment. (About a 1mb download) The wood paneled, circular room is the one with the dome. I would kill for that awesome oak pool table with taupe felt!

by David


Melissa Spence said...

Yup, looks like your guys' style. Have you been to that store in NYC?

Armilyn & David said...

Yes, I went in 2005 while on a business trip. Beautiful store, but not cheap. I did get a good deal on a bed sheet and pillowcases that were on sale though!