Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear Santa...

"Phone and talking phone" refer to walkie-talkies he was playing with at our Christmas party.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary

I was watching an old Charles Kuralt dvd and he did a story back in the 70s about a lady who created a bird sanctuary in Modjeska Canyon, which is off of Santiago Canyon Road running between Orange and Lake Forest. Turns out the place still existed, is now called the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary and run by Cal State Fullerton. It's free to visit, so we went up there on a slightly rainy Saturday.

I've always heard of Modjeska Canyon, but never knew it was so narrow and quite long. There were a lot of houses along a road barely wide enough for two cars. It was almost like being in the mountains with out the high altitude.

A little breakfast before we head up to the wildlife sanctuary

The sanctuary comprises 12 acres of the canyon, almost at the end of the road. A creek runs through part of the preserve, though judging by the size of the river bed, it probably is scary during heavy rains.

Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary from unitedstyle on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond

Playing dress up.

Rock-Rock-Rocket, to the top!

NASA are we clear for landing?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Art or Bust at the Kid's Museum

For Thanksgiving weekend 2010 David and Alex
had the week off and we went to San Diego.
He Alex tries sculpting with clay

as well as bubble making.

Stuffed animal parts like Dr. Suess's characters were on display.

Inside the big wooden trojan horse.

Alex just like his Daddy checking out the graphics and fonts.

A cool ride on a chariot without horses.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Zoom Zoom!

Got some free tickets to the OC car show from my Pops.

We also went to the local beach car show.

Some sweet rides!

That's where we want to be, livin' in

An artist friend of mine invited me to the Beverly Hills Art Show.

Mr Nix and mini Nix
It's almost like being in LOVE.
Alex deciding if he wants to buy the art sculpture,
He likes the tree better but it won't fit in his room.

It makes for a great jungle gym.
Giant tulips grew before our very eyes.
Alex at the Paley Center for Media.
Saw lots of paparazzi on our walk down Rodeo Drive
but it was for the black and yellow Bugatti.
The highlight was David meeting Jack Taylor.

Trick or Treat Halloween Highlights

It has become a yearly tradition to see what Roger's Garden has in store
for Halloween.

Found this astronaut costume the day of Halloween at 4pm.
Earlier in the day there was a local retailer
had an arts and crafts booth for the kids.
We also went to another pumpkin patch
one with games and rides

The face of satisfaction.
Around the neighborhood at David's parent's house.
Let's just say that David and I enjoyed all the candies that Alex isn't allowed to have.

Papa's Birthday

My Papa celebrated his 70th Birthday this year.
He came by our place and we baked him a mini cake.

Alex of course couldn't wait: sang, blew out the candle and took a big bite.


We've been checking out the local farmers markets which now include the food trucks.

Alex in his rain gear posing next to a cool looking food truck.