Saturday, November 28, 2009


With LOVE Always, Armilyn & Alexander

Birthday Highlights from Thanksgiving (Thursday - Saturday):

Thanksgiving at Mom & Dad Nix's house.

The family playing Apples to Apples game - Oom Sam won!

The morning of David's Birthday, we walked at Shipley's Nature Center.

Alex fascinated by the remote control cars going 60 mph.

A dirt track sits right outside the nature center where people race their hot wheels.

Our little soiree for David. Great tapas style eating. 

Kyrin performed a little guitar solo for David.

Sweet P getting sleepy from our party - apparently not enough action for her.

Our dear friend Miki with Paloma - she's such a natural mommy.

My Chicks Clique girlie Laura came for a visit.

Uncle Moses in town for the Holidays.

The boys in the family: Moses, Fernando and David. 

Our yearly tradition of visiting Santa @ Rogers' Garden.

Alex checking out the topiaries and train.
Mr. Nix posing by the poinsettias at the age 37.

Miki looking chic like she just stepped out of the Chalet.
T-kay is up to something behind those green specs.
Kyrin & Maia in line to see Mr. Clause.
A toast to my husband and to Miki & T-kay for introducing me to him!

The Gang being silly as usual. Happy Birthday David!

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