Friday, November 27, 2009

Face Formers face painting

I have just begun working with my friend Brenda's company Face Formers. I love it so much. All those art lessons and color theory classes I took years ago are now paying off. It's much like painting on canvas. David designed the logo for Face Formers and the hummingbird is a sample of one of my first best designs.
Brenda is the genius behind this company. This is her at work at her son Zion's birthday back in August 2009.
I especially love Brenda's butterflies and it's probably the most requested by girls.
Brenda's older son Tyce came up with the business idea as well as the name of the company - an entrepreneur in the making.

This was taken during a practice session at our place.
Here is my frog design. We were practicing paintings that boys would like.

Fellow face painter Julie rocks the butterfly wings. More pictures to follow soon. 

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Brenda said...

Awesome! Thanks Armilyn! I love your family blog, so cool.