Friday, February 27, 2009

Miss Communication

In the Information Age, there are so many ways to communicate: face to face, phone, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Post-it-Notes, etc., but equally many ways to miscommunicate. So, I've decided to go to the "expert" Emily Post for a refresher course.

Here is an excerpt from The Emily Post Institute (If you click on the links there are "How To's"):

"According to the respondents to a recent survey done by the institute, the most successful relationships are all grounded in a continuous effort to communicate, and they use a unique, personal language that includes both verbal and nonverbal communication."

In addition, there was also a great article in the Miami Herald about Emily Post and her upbringing: The Emily Post who emerges was not always kind in her dealings with people. But she was always proper and more important, always decent. Something I aim to be.

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