Monday, February 16, 2009

Rainy Day LA

Today was President's Day, and both Alex and David had the day off. It was either off to the snow or up to LA for some museum time. Well because it was raining (and likely snowing) we decided to head to LA.

On holiday Mondays, Target sponsors free admission days to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The last one was on Martin Luther King day back in January, but we ended up going to San Clemente. This time we piled in the car early and braved the wet weather. We arrived 40 minutes before opening, so we walked around the grounds for a bit. The museum has an installation on Wilshire Boulevard of numerous old streetlamps. Walking through them felt like being in an 80s music video.

We walked over to the new Broad Contemporary wing that opened last year

Then we headed back inside the main buildings to get out of the rain and waited on the steps for the galleries to open. We saw the BMW Art Cars, Indonesian textiles exhibit as well as the Vanity Fair Magazine portraits.

While David went to feed the parking meters, Alex and I went to the sculpture garden that had Alexander Calder's fountain mobiles.

They had a free music performance as well, where all the kids in the audience got a drum to play along with the band.

Afterwards, we drove a few blocks to the Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax. We ate at the French Crepe Co. where David and I shared the Tropical Crepe, which was drizzled in melted chocolate and was filled with strawberries, bananas, mango, papaya and grapes. Yum.

We walked around the Farmers Market and The Grove a bit, and had to buy Alex some socks after too much puddle jumping.
Alex fooling around in the children's store.

On the way home we saw a beautiful rainbow. Hopefully it means good luck since we bought a lotto ticket at Farmer's Market.

The end of our rainy day adventure.


Melissa Spence said...

Sounds like a fun day! Too much puddle jumping eh!? :)

Justine and Fernando said...

Love the jacket with the scarf. If I keep up my "what not to wear" watching, soon enough you and I both will be little Stacy Londons. Ahhh!!