Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mall Adventures

Last weekend we wanted to get out of town to get some fresh mountain air. We had heard about Victoria Garden's in Rancho Cucamonga and though we would check it out. I really wanted to go to the snow, but the outdoor mall had a nice view of Mount Baldy. We were quite surprised, the mall had great stores like Bass Outdoor World (we felt like we were in Texas). I also scored a couple of cute Christmas stockings that were on sale at West Elm.

Alex my lucky boy got two free tokens for a train ride becuase the ticket lady saw that his Daddy was going to ride with him. Apparently "daddies" are too cool to ride on the trains . The lady thought it was so sweet. That's my hubby!

As you can see the weather was cloudy for CA.

Alex seems to always have a fountain picture whereever we go.

The locomotive that takes kids around the mall.

I think we got the free tokens because of David's striking good looks and Alex's cuteness. Nothing is more attractive that a man with his child. I know I'm in love.

BASS Outdoor World

In front of the massive outdoor enthusiast store.

The front entrance was like a lodge. We think this is where Ralph Lauren gets his inspiration.

An craftsman style chandelier hangs above the entrace.

Alex shopping for boy toys for his first off-road trip with Uncle Tason?

Bass has every outdoor equipment imaginable like boats and even had a huge aquarium filled with gigantic cat fish.

At first I refused to go inside because I am not the outdoorsy type, but once I came in I wanted to buy everything and go camping! Yes ladies they now make fashionable outdoor clothes for the mommies and the kids.

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