Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Small Town America

Small main streets have become more like ghost towns because of the economy. We love them for their ambience, uniqueness and hometown charm. One of my favorites is Main Street Garden Grove, CA. Apparently there is a Save Historic Main Street GG group that is trying to revive this area.

Our favorite gourmet market is here - Zlakets.

It's been there since 1927 (off of Euclid & GG Blvd.) - that's 82 years folks! Pay attention big business - this company is doing something right!

By the way, Zlakets has a small cafe with delicious deli products and sells old-fashioned, glass bottled, soda pops. I think I'm gonna buy some Crush soda for Valentine gifts.

Main Street Cafe is a fifties style restaurant also on Main Street. We hear there will be a new seafood joint opening up next door in a few weeks.

My parents, aunt and uncles after some grub at the cafe.
Zlaket's is closed on Sundays ; (

Alex and my niece Jasmine enjoy spinning on the vintage bar stools.


Melissa Spence said...

I love old Main Streets too. We just ate on one yesterday in Buda. The restaurant was inside an old victorian style home. Cool stuff.

Justine and Fernando said...

I LOVE those clothes that Jasmine and Alex have on. They look so awesome! Jazzy looks adorable in that dress!