Sunday, January 11, 2009

Slumdog Movie Night

So last night we had the opportunity to use some free movie tickets we received for Christmas. We wanted to see a good movie this time, since our last date movie almost a year ago turned out to be one we hated, *cough* Cloverfield *cough*. Armilyn wanted to see Benjamin Button, but I was leaning more to Slumdog Millionaire, as I had heard great things about it. Armilyn wasn't against it, but just wasn't too familiar with the film. Well, because of the start times, we picked Slumdog, and boy are we glad we did. An extremely rags-to-riches story that starts in the slums of Mumbai, India, we loved every minute of it. I won't go into the story too much here, as you can find it written all over the internet or just watch the trailer below. Safe to say, it is an emotional roller coaster ride, contrasting scenes of great joy with scenes of great pain and sadness. After the movie, both Armilyn and I commented that we felt very surreal at the beginning of movie watching scenes take place in slums while sitting in a movie theater in Newport Beach, one of the wealthiest cities on Earth. We left the movie feeling very blessed, even in these financially difficult times.

Enough blabbing. Go. See. This. Movie.

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Melissa Spence said...

Hhhmmm, maybe if Stephen and I ever get a movie date night we'll check it out!