Friday, December 26, 2008

You know, You make me happy.

Today while running my morning errands I was listening to NPR and there was an author being interviewed. He wrote a book called Happiness: Unlocking the Mysteries of Psychological Wealth. It was really interesting to learn about Nigeria in Africa, a country that is so poor, but is high in the spirit of happiness. Reflecting on this made me think about the simple things that make me happy. Between 1 and 10 I would say I am 25 on the happiness quotient...why? Take a look at these Christmas photos (and listen to one of our favorite songs "HAPPY" by Mocrac).

Alex opens his gift from Santa Christmas moning.

At Oma & Opa's home for our annual Christmas breakfast.

Dad and Tason enjoyed their croissant and scrambled eggs.

David, Alex and Omi loved the Quaker oats.

Alex keeps his feet warm, with his firetruck nearby just in case.

We end the morning cozy by the fire.

Alex thanks Oma for all his Christmas presents.

We pay a quick visit to see my neice Leila and Lougene.

Then, it's the Ancheta's house for lunch to see Papa and Mom.

The Uncles strike a pose as do the Aunties.

Justine goes back to Spain Dec. 26 to her family in Sevilla.
Moses will go on a road trip to Minnesota where he will live for the next two years.

Alex gets the toy of his dreams from Mom and Papa!

Jasmine plays with chopsticks since Alex won't share.

Our cousins kick back and watch the Laker game.

My Papa web chatting with our relatives in the Philippines.

A nice shot of Auntie Rosalyn and me.

Christmas day ends watching Alvin & the Chipmuncks.

Happiness is Family!


Melissa Spence said...

Amen to that Happiness is Family (Ohana). Loved seeing all the pics. :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Mam