Tuesday, December 2, 2008

85 Degrees Cafe

After reading Edwin Goei's review in OC Weekly, we decided to check out the new 85 Degrees C Cafe and Bakery in Irvine. It is in the new Diamond Jamboree Center on Alton and Jamboree. Even on a Tuesday night, the place was packed, full of primarily college kids from nearby UCI.

The pastry and baked goods section is self-serve. You grab a tray and tongs and select what you want. We tried the Taro bun, Caesar the Great, a Calamari loaf (which doesn't have calamari but rather chicken or garlic and the bread is black from the squid ink) and 2 cake slices. We ate the Taro bun which was amazing. Light and fluffy like a croissant without the greasiness and a slightly sweet Taro paste filling. Delish. We saved the rest for munching on at home.

Alex dancing in front of the pastry bar

Taro Bun

Caesar the Great

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