Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Celebrations

Our best friends the Garcia's had a birthday party for their son Kyrin who cebelrated (apparently Armilyn has had too much eggnog--David) his 7th Birthday.

Ky's cool Lego cake was the theme of the party.

The Garcia's strike a silly pose.

Alex devours the chocolate Lego cake.

Madeline's 5th Birthday during the Spence's visit to Cali.

Chuck-E-Cheese is a hit with the kids.

James enjoys his icing on the cake.

Jasmine ponders on what game to play next.

Alex tries his luck with this racing game, while David cheers him on!

Evelyn roots for Maddy and Delany.

Our annual friends holiday party at the Garcia's house.

A great dinner at the Garcia's included turkey, ham and tamales with all the fixin's.

Miki makes a delish Pomagranate martini and we toast our friendship.

Maia and Ky open their gifts from Alex.

Elia and Heather fight over the chili chocolate from Germany.

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