Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mother’s Day at Buster’s

On Mother’s Day, we ended up in Long Beach at a restaurant called Buster’s. It’s a Hawaiian-themed restaurant that serves burgers and such--like Islands but at the ocean. It wasn’t crowded and we got a seat by the window so we could watch the boats sail in and out of Naples Bay. We even saw the big yellow Long Beach Water Taxi come in to drop off passengers.

Outside Buster’s on Naples Bay. Alex was scared of the seagulls.

The day before, we treated our mothers to a massage at a local day spa and then I took them to my favorite French-Vietnamese bakery, Pierre Boulangerie

The selection of temptations at Pierre Boulangerie

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SpenceOhana said...

Fun! Sounds like a yummy restaurant! And those bakery goods look delicious!