Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dan Zanes Costa Mesa concert

This past Sunday we went to another Dan Zanes concert. Last time only David and Alex went, so it was a brand new experience for me. It was at Samueli Hall at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, a very small, intimate place--probably holding 200 people max.

To Alex, we aren't watching Dan Zanes, we are watching Mr. Jump Up (Alex's favorite Dan Zanes song). So after the first song, there is a little bit of a pause, and Alex starts waving and saying "Hi, Jump Up!" repeatedly, causing David and a few adults around us to chuckle. Dan invites everyone down to the floor in front of the stage during the second song, which is where Alex stayed for the rest of the concert.

Alex and David enjoyed the concert a lot. Don't get me wrong-I liked the songs, but it was tiring with all those kids. The concert was only a little over an hour, but it felt a lot longer with the kids.

Waiting for the concert to start

Alex watching from the side of the stage as Dan approaches

It's a bit blurry, but that's Alex saying hi to Dan during a break between songs and Dan saying hi back.

Getting Dan's autograph after the show. Check out that smile on Alex!

Our little drummer boy checking out Colin on the drums.

A little video of when Alex and David were in the pit, right in front of the stage:

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SpenceOhana said...

You can tell Alex LOVES that music. How cute those photos are of him near the stage!