Friday, May 23, 2008

Alexander's 6th Birthday

Alex turned 6 on May 19. Since that was on a Monday, we held a party the Saturday before with family, classmates and teachers. We took everyone to Boomers Park in Irvine, which is one of those family fun places with go-karts, miniature golf, batting cages, etc. Alex loves to go on the go-karts with David or myself, but we found out that this particular Boomers had mini-go-karts for smaller kids to drive by themselves.

Well, when Alex arrived, he ran right towards those. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to drive, so once he got on, he didn't know what to do. He would push the gas pedal but let go immediately, so he would just jerk the car forward. Plus he didn't know how to steer and kept crashing. So after only travelling a few feet and blocking the 3 other drivers, David pulled him out, much to Alex's chagrin. David took him to the regular go-karts and had to force him in. But once they were buckled in, Alex got the idea and calmed down. The double go-karts have a non-functioning steering wheel for the kids, which Alex loved. They got going and Alex loved it. Once David and Alex finished, it was my turn with Alex. It was a fun course!

Did I mention that his theme was Speed Racer? I got 2 Speed Racer cars for cake decoration, and Alex got some more Speed Racer stuff as presents. And we haven't even seen the movie yet!

Any way, here's a collage of the day. The husband of one of Alex's teachers got some great action photos of us racing!

Click the picture to enlarge

Later Alex went on one of those stomach-churing bouncy rides. Of course he loved it.

Alex giving his teacher, Miss Jill, a hug.

Alex opening presents later at his grandparents

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