Saturday, February 20, 2010


For Valentine's weekend, we ended up taking a trip down south to San Diego for a family function on Saturday. My parents got us connecting rooms at the Marriott Marina in downtown, so it was them, us with Alex, and my sister, her fiance, and daughter.

Alex being a little silly before we left.

On the way down, we stopped at the LUX Art Institute in Encinitas. It is a small facility, but a beautiful, modern building on a gorgeous hillside plot.

The family thing was at a buffet right on the Mexican border--seriously, if you tripped you'd be in Mexico. I got a chance to see my cousin's daughter, who is only a few months old. Alex got a chance to clown around with the kids.

Afterwards, we headed to the hotel. My sister's daughter, Jasmine, was ooohing and aaahing at the Cinderella carriages that she could see from our balcony. They were going around the Seaport Village, next to the hotel. Well, later that night, David and I went for a stroll and found out how much a ride cost, $40, which is not too bad if you have enough people. When we got upstairs around 10pm, the kids were still awake. So we took them down and had a ride.

We only had David's camera phone, so the pictures didn't come out to bright or clear (there was cobblestone). But Jasmine loved it. The driver told her that it was supposed to be his night off, but Cinderella called and asked him to go and wait for a girl named Jasmine and to give her a ride in Cinderella's personal carriage.

The next morning, that's all Jasmine could talk about. Here she is talking to David and Alex on the balcony.

Me and one of my Valentine guys.

I wonder where Alex gets it:

Before we headed home, we went to Cabrillo National Monument, on the tip of the peninsula overlooking the Pacific and San Diego Bay. Here's a few shots:


Spence Ohana said...

Great pics, love those shots of Alex!

Justine and Fernando said...

Aww great pics! Jazzy is so adorable! She looks like JC in the close-up of her. So wish I was there!