Saturday, February 6, 2010

High on a Mountaintop

In mid-January, we went with Miki and Tkay up to her aunt's cabin in Idyllwild. We had never been to there before, and we drove through parts of Riverside and Perris that we didn't know existed.

For going up to the mountains, the journey was pretty easy compared to other local mountains. We left before the sun came up, so that Maia would be sleeping and not get carsick. So we arrived at the cabin before 9am, just in time for breakfast.

The cabin is huge. We couldn't even fit it in the frame of the camera. It's around 2 years old and has 4 bedrooms--1 master suite on 1 side of the house, and the other 3 spread on 2 levels on the other side. There is a great room in the center with the kitchen, big screen tv and pool table.

There was no snow, as we were at 5500 feet and it hadn't snowed for a few weeks. Though there was a week's worth of storms coming as we left.

My phone somehow erased all of my pictures before I could download them, so all we have are a few that David took on the first morning before he got sick.

Later in the morning, the dad's took the kids up the street to look at a fire truck.

Can you smell the fresh air?

Behind the house is a ravine, with a small creek running through it. We all went down to have a look.

Right after the picture above, Alex step in the water.

We had a great time and hope to visit one time when there is some snow.

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Spence Ohana said...

What a beautiful cabin! I went up to Idyllwild for my 8th grade trip to Astro Camp. :) I was going to ask if the kids stepped in the water. LOL