Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ruiz Family Visit 2009

My cousins visiting from Barcelona, Spain to introduce us to their beautiful daughter Paloma.

This is my little niece Paloma aka Sweet P and her gorgeous Tita Army.

Sweet P with her Lola Tina. 

The cutie pies Leila and Alyssa. 

Justine and my sis JC - Ancheta smiles!

Lougene's motherly instincts kick in.

My Papa, Lou, Leila, Auntie Rose & Uncle Abraham.

Rob and Fernando enjoying Auntie Tina's cuisine.

The Fabulous Four: Justine, Kim, Linda and Chrissie.

The Mommies: Tina and Amabella

The Nix Clan: Opa Edu and Oma Dorothea with Alex

Fernando, Justine and Paloma - we love you and miss you already!

Remember: There is no place like HOME. Click your heels Paloma!


Spence Ohana said...

Ah those are great pics! Glad you guys had a nice visit with them.

nghia said...

I recognize those pink shoes! Can't believe Paloma's eating them!