Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Circus Vargas!

The circus is in town, the old fashion kind in a tent and small town entertainment.

At the entrance to get some popcorn and a snow-cone.
Alex and me clowning around.
A little snack before the show.
Alex and David trying to cool off in the hot circus tent

Alex playing with the sunlight poking through a hole in the tent

Going into the bigtop

Yes, that's a real boa constrictor. At intermission we had a chance to pet it. We got in line, but then I chickened out.


Melissa Spence said...

Fun, fun! Way cool I bet Alex loved it!

Justine and Fernando said...

I missed the circus! Looks like fun! I'll never forget when we rode on that elephant. I remember coming home and telling Lola that it was bony. Great memories for Alex!