Wednesday, March 25, 2009

San Jose & Half Moon Bay

After the Madonna Inn. we drove for a few hours until we reached San Jose. We decided to stop for a bathroom break and lunch at Santana Row. It's a new outdoor shopping center similar to the Grove and Americana in Los Angeles, with retail, offices and condominiums built together in an urban street setting.

Alex enjoying some Wahoo's at Santana Row

My two guys walking along the shops at Santana Row

The picturesque road to Half Moon Bay

David at Half Moon Bay

Me on the windy beach

Alex on the beach at Half Moon Bay

So we went to their downtown and stumbled upon this amazing antique store called "Have to Have It"

The place was both an outdoor garden and glass gallery,

and inside was full of vintage furnishings and trinkets.

There were so many cool things, I couldn't wait to go treasure hunting.

If I had room, I would have bought all of these colorful oversized glass rocks.

Sadly, we arrived in Half Moon Bay @ 4:30 so stores were closing. I wondered what goods we missed out on at Spanish Town? ; (

At least we could admire these rusting metal dinosaurs displayed outside.

Leaving Half Moon Bay and on to the hotel!

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