Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alex and Jasmine visit the Academy of Sciences

We really wanted to see the reopened California Academy of Sciences and heard about the crowds, so early Saturday we headed out to Golden Gate Park. It was cold, but luckily the lines weren't too long when we arrived around 9:30.

Alex waiting for Mom to get tickets

Jasmine waiting for her mom to get tickets

Alex and Jasmine in the humungous rainforest exhibit.

In the rainforest sphere

Alex goofing off while waiting for an elevator

The exterior of the rainforest exhibit, which is a big glass sphere, looking up at the skylights

On the "living roof" looking the same skylights that illuminate the rainforest.

We told Alex that's where the Teletubbies live.

Underneath the living roof is the museum.

The aquarium part of the museum, which uses seawater pumped in from the ocean via huge pipes running under the park for miles.

JC & Jasmine in awe of the large catfish.

The giant pendulum. Can you see our reflection? I think they are trying to find the island on "Lost."

UPDATE: check out this link from the design firm Pentagram, who did the environmental graphics.

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Melissa Spence said...

LOL that does look like the Teletubbies hill! I'm catching up on my LOST shows. I'm a week behind.