Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lynce and Jack Kihara's Wedding

Another one of Armilyn's cousins, Lynce, got married this past Saturday. The wedding was in Long Beach, but the reception was aboard a boat in Newport Harbor. Armilyn and I had never been on a boat in the harbor before and were impressed on how big the harbor was.

When you have a huge bridal party, a limo won't do

The wedding reception boat from Electra Cruises

The honeymoon suite docked next to the reception boat. Just kidding! This saucer looked like it could fit 4 people max!

Us on the top deck at sunset

The flower girls

The reception boat just sailed along the harbor towards the Corona del Mar jetty and we saw the beach where we went to with the Spences when Steve and Melissa were here in July. It was a 4 hour cruise, so the boat did a few laps. A very unique reception.

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