Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back to School night

This past Thursday was Back to School night at Plavan. David was excited to be able to check out more of his old school.

Here is the inside of the Plavan. David said not a whole lot has changed aside from the paint. They are still using the same metal folding chairs he sat on as a kid. Click the picture for the full size:

Next door to Alexander's classroom is the class of his former pre-school teacher, Miss Jill. Last year her dad built her a jungle hut for her class, for her room's "Welcome to the Jungle" theme. This year she chose Peter Pan as her decorating theme and her dad built her this AWESOME pirate ship out of wood and plywood

Even the gangplank folds up and sails fold down. How cool is that?!

post by Armilyn


Melissa Spence said...

Oh my gosh it does totally look the same! That is a pretty cool pirate ship! Did you guys see or talk with Mrs. Fujii?

Armilyn & David said...

No we didn't see Mrs. Fuji that night, though we did see her on the first day of school and she escorted Alex into the classroom.