Friday, September 23, 2011

The Stanley House at Stanley Ranch

The first part of our tour began at the Stanley House, home of Agnes Stanley, the first person to be born in Garden Grove, and her family. You can see this house on Euclid Avenue as you drive by. This post is more about the details than room photos--those will come later. I'm not a fan of Victorian homes, but I will say that the home was brighter on the inside than I imagined.

Armilyn and Alex trying out the old pump organ

Alex is fascinated by the workings of an old, hand-cranked washing machine

Detail of an ornate door hinge

The entire tour of the ranch lasted 2 hours, but we spent almost the entire first hour in the Stanley House. That's how much stuff there was to see!

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Veganruleta said...

How cute and quaint! That must have been impressive.