Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary

I was watching an old Charles Kuralt dvd and he did a story back in the 70s about a lady who created a bird sanctuary in Modjeska Canyon, which is off of Santiago Canyon Road running between Orange and Lake Forest. Turns out the place still existed, is now called the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary and run by Cal State Fullerton. It's free to visit, so we went up there on a slightly rainy Saturday.

I've always heard of Modjeska Canyon, but never knew it was so narrow and quite long. There were a lot of houses along a road barely wide enough for two cars. It was almost like being in the mountains with out the high altitude.

A little breakfast before we head up to the wildlife sanctuary

The sanctuary comprises 12 acres of the canyon, almost at the end of the road. A creek runs through part of the preserve, though judging by the size of the river bed, it probably is scary during heavy rains.

Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary from unitedstyle on Vimeo.

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Spence Ohana said...

That's a nice pic of you two on the bridge. And love the video of Alex running across it.