Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let's give them something to blog about

We finally made it out to Laguna Beach and the Festival of the Arts, where the Bright Sun painting Alex did was featured in a Junior Artist Exhibit. You may remember a few months ago, this painting was at MainPlace mall in Santa Ana with a bunch of his classmates' work as part of another children's art exhibit.

Well, this exhibit was much smaller, so Alex was one of only 2 people from his school selected. How awesome is that?!

Unfortunately, Alex was a bit of the tempermental artist today as we visited with David's parents and aunt. So he was a bit grumpy.

We tried to go last month with Mom and Tante Hanna, but Laguna Canyon Highway was jammed so we gave up and headed to San Juan Capistrano instead. This time we headed out before 10am to beat any crowds, which worked. As a featured artist, Alex got free admittance plus five guests, so everyone got in free!

Alex's sun is on the top row next to the 1st grade sign

Pages from the exhibit program. Alex is the second artist listed.

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Spence Ohana said...

So awesome! Good job Alex, can't wait to see your future paintings/drawings!