Saturday, October 31, 2009

Smashing Good Time

For Halloween morning we went to Cal State Fullerton's 2nd Annual Pumpkin Launch. We had such a great time seeing pumpkins fly up in the air and get tossed around. A cannon called the Pumpkin Lobber even shot one across the field and it went right through the scoreboard all the way to the parking lot. 
The catapults examine their physics strategy.
Mommy, Son and Daddy yell Lobber! Lobber! Lobber!

Smashing Pumpkins is so much fun to watch!

Halloween evening we were joined by Leila , Brenda and Zion out to Trick-Or-Treat.

Best pumpkin carving this year (no no ours).
Fireman Alex and Vampire Zion in search of candy.
Hula girl Leila dancing for some chocolate.
Are they tired yet? David, Brenda and me too tired to take our own pictures.

Count Zion ready for more sweets.
Thank you Mom and Dad Nix for feeding us the great pasta dish tonight and making it memorable for the kids!

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Spence Ohana said...

Great pics! The pumpkin launcher show looked like so much fun!