Saturday, July 11, 2009

SOKA International Festival

This is another event in May that we attended. It was the Soka University International Festival.

It was very colorful especially the show and costumes by these Colombian dancers.

Alex refused to to pose without his ice cream.

The girl was absolutely stunning in her traditional Colombian attire.

The main square in the background of the University - a very nice college.

David holding Alex back - he was ready to jump into the fountains.

This lady is from Africa and owns a family business where they hand make dresses. The chartreuse dress you see is silk with delicate floral embroideries - it was only $20 bucks! Unfortunately, we only had enough cash with us for food and drinks (I got her phone number and e-mail so I can get all the girls in the family one - did I mention she made adult sizes?).

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